The Fantastic Furlough

California state worker discounts Fantastic FurloughA Positive Outlook and Savings for all California State Employees

As you are aware, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has required a monthly furlough for California State Employees. Almost 200,000+ California public servants are being furloughed two Fridays a month and lose 10 percent in pay. It has been proposed that the furlough continue through July 2010.

During these grim economic times the people of Sacramento are looking for ways to save while continuing to help Sacramento prosper. I am proposing that while the furlough is in place, Sacramento businesses provide a discount to California State Employees. This will encourage State Employees to continue to spend during these difficult times.

I'm developing a pamphlet for all CA State Employees that will include restaurants, real estate companies, florists, hair salons, auto shops, bars, etc. that will be providing a discount for the duration of the furlough. Any amount of savings that can be passed on to California State Employees would be greatly appreciated. Whether its $5 off or 25% off a service, any amount would be a great contribution. Once your company is willing to contribute a savings, your logo and contact information will be included in the pamphlet as well as on the website, (website will be completed after March 13, 2009). This is a great way for your establishment to be recognized by thousands of State Employees while providing them with a discount.

This discount would only be provided for the duration of the furlough. While it is proposed that that furlough continue through July 2010, it could also be resolved as early as next month. This is up to Governor Schwarzenegger.

If interested in providing a discount to the thousands of State Employees that make up the Sacramento community or would like further information, please contact: Szandra Keszthelyi at 916-799-5928 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thank you for your time,

Szandra Keszthelyi
State Council on Developmental Disabilities

This was not done on State time or with State resources.